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We’re hanging in the living room: me, D, and Frey. They’re watching Civil War, and I’m reading a new book (My Dark Vanessa). D just leaned over, poked me in the arm, and whispered, “Blog, blog, blog.” So here I am. He gets uneasy when I go a while without blogging. Even after all these years, I think he’s still not used to my penchant for silence after all those years living with his ex-wife’s chattiness. (That is not a critique of her in anyway; just simply noting our differences.)

I’ve been especially quiet as of late. I don’t mean to be. I’m just…tired. Really fucking tired. I’m hoping I’ll get some good sleep/rest in this weekend. I need it.

Tomorrow is my last work day for this week. I’m taking Friday off to attend a virtual MBC conference. Friday night, we’re going out with another couple. The rest of the weekend is up in the air. We are kid free all weekend, and it will be good to get a little crazy.

But also sleep. I need a lot of sleep.

In other news:

  • I rescheduled my biopsy for Monday morning.
  • D’s ex texted me something fun/nice, so maybe she doesn’t hate me after all. It was bothering me more than I care to admit. I just don’t want to go backwards with her – it has been a long journey to get here. I finally feel like we get along.
  • I picked up all of Jack’s school supplies this afternoon. He starts Monday morning. I have a fifth grader!
  • My new bed (in the study) is awesome, and I plan to share a pic soon. Prob tomorrow. Actually maybe later this weekend. I want to buy some new bedding.
  • D loves my haircut. He calls it the classic Jenn look. It’s a chin length choppy bob. I meant to take a pic today, but I was distracted: I had five consultations today. He also keeps telling me I look skinny, which I like, even though it’s a dirty lie – lol.
  • So yeah – I’ll post lots of pics tomorrow.
  • Now that my surgery is a no go, I have no excuse not to exercise. I need to call and get the treadmill moved. I’m also thinking I might renew my beach body subscription: I like the country heat workouts.
  • Pretty sure we’re about to book a luxury downtown penthouse for labor day weekend. It’s insanely fabulous. It looks down into Busch Stadium! More about that later.
  • We have decided on two tiny parties this fall – each with two couples invited. A Halloween party and a Fall Fête. You can feel fall creeping in here in STL and I am about it!!

Later. ♥️

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