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We were up until 330 this morning, so we didn’t get out of bed until noon. I’m thinking we’re going to have a lazy day at home, and I’m 100% okay with that. D is hungover as fuck. I have a slight headache, but am mostly good.

Last night was fun. I feel really good about our couple friends right now. We have three couples that we vibe really well with.

Pickle shots. Who knew? Surprisingly delicious. I think I had three?

So I did a thing yesterday. We got a letter from our HOA saying that if someone doesn’t volunteer for the board, the city would appoint someone and assessments would go up (blah blah blah), and so I nominated myself. So unless someone else has also decided to run for that spot, I think I’m the one. I’m definitely going to regret this. Lol.

I attended a virtual metastatic breast cancer conference yesterday, and it was great. I learned a lot. I particularly enjoyed the talk on sexual health after cancer. There is an entire practice at Northwestern dedicated to it, and I’m considering making a virtual appointment. Lack of estrogen for all these years has taken a toll, and the doctor discussed so many options that I want to take advantage of. Mostly it was just really empowering to hear such a frank discussion about women’s sexuality. I’m so about that life!

Related: as of next month, I will have a new oncologist. A female! I’m pumped about this, and I hope she’s open to discuss these types of issues with me. I want an oncologist who is going to treat all the issues I’m facing as a result of this diagnosis. If she won’t, I’ll find someone who will.

I think I’m going to go forage for food. Then I will return to my bed and chill out until it’s time to go grocery shopping. I think we’re doing a steak night tonight, since we went out last night.

I hope this posts. When it fails to upload, it doesn’t even save to drafts so then I lose the entire thing.

Fingers crossed!

Happy Saturday!!

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