Setting myself up for a good week

I did all the things tonight.

We did the grocery shopping, where I made some good choices to help me stay on plan. I also bought a bunch of easy lunches for Jackson, since he starts school tomorrow.

Speaking of school, I walked him and his dad through all the online stuff. I made sure his supplies are organized. I read all the emails and watched all the videos. It was a lot, but I feel ready for this.

The laundry is done (and even folded). The bathroom is clean. My makeup case has been purged and organized so that I can find my staples easier. There are clean sheets on the bed. My work bag is packed. I even showered tonight so I won’t have to in the morning.

I’m getting up early to head down to the city for my biopsy. Not the greatest way to start the week, but at least I’ll get it out of the way.

Oh and I even dug this out, which I bought years ago and never used. I’m thinking it might be a good tool to both help me get organized and get me back into journaling.

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