Wait…there’s more

  • I want a donut.
  • When does the pumpkin spice shit come out?
  • Our kids crack me up. They basically admitted they don’t tell their other parents about their lives here because they won’t get it. Lol forever. Free range parenting ftmfw.
  • My ex is a strange person and he makes me tired.
  • My cancer tit hurts. Stupid biopsy bullshit.
  • I deserve a cookie for the patience I showed during my last call of the day. OOF.
  • I’m reading “My Dark Vanessa” currently, and it is a tough subject for me.
  • It reminds me of some shit that happened when I was in high school that I may share if/when I review the book.
  • I’ve been talking to my momma recently, and I like it. I feel like we’re making progress, and I’m finally ready for it.
  • I get to see one of my besties for dinner tomorrow night. She said she has juicy gossip for me.
  • I could tell her my juicy tale about last Friday night’s festivities, but she disapproves, so…
  • It reminds me of that DMB lyric “I can still taste you, and I will again.”
  • That dude from STL that raped, tortured, and murdered Angie Houseman back in 1993 was recently caught & sentenced to life in prison. I don’t typically believe in the death penalty, but I hope somebody kills that motherfucker slowly. Not even a little bit sorry.
  • My mom told me today that he lived on our street for a while and was friends with our child molesting neighbor. I have rage.
  • My doctor told me not to exercise today, and I’m taking full advantage. I need to get back on the workout wagon tomorrow though. I’m thinking I may do a workout in the morning, since I have nothing scheduled until court at noon.
  • I let my hair air dry last night, and I woke up with all the curls. I always forget how wavy/curly my hair gets when it’s short.
  • I think I’m getting blue highlights at my next hair appointment in October.
  • I might be in pain, but overall it has been a good day.

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