identity crisis

I was telling my bestie tonight that I’m having some sort of identity crisis. I just really don’t like the state of me right now. I need to change some shit. I’m way, way over my look. I feel frumpy as fuck. And I feel like I’m getting dumber and lazier every single day. I’ve been despondent since February. I wasn’t going to dig in and change my life if I was just going to die in a few years, but if I’m going to have more time than that, which seems likely right now, then I’ve gotta dig in and do the work. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m ready to do so, and have been taking baby steps. Anyway – prepare yourselves, because I’m going to be harping on this for a while. I can feel it.

Oh and I hope I didn’t jinx myself with the whole “I think I’ll live longer than just a few years” thing.

Sometimes I feel like the unluckiest luckiest person in the world. It makes perfect sense to me. That’s all that matters.

It’s 11:46 pm and I’m hoping to feel tired soon. I’m riding a bit of a high from a night out with my bestie.


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