wasting time

I’m leaving in about thirty minutes to drop Freya at band practice, then drop Jackson at his dad’s, before heading to the restaurant to meet Annie. So I have some time to kill, but not enough time to do anything useful. Seems like a good time to blog.

Today was the first day of virtual school at my house. I was up early and ready to go. I had Jackson working out in the loft so that I could monitor him from my study. So far, so good. I’m micromanaging his day a bit, but I think he needs to until he gets into a routine. He’s a bit of a slacker as it is, and I don’t want him making this any harder on himself than it already is.

D went into his actual office this morning before I woke up, and I’ll be gone when he gets home. I don’t expect to be home until around ten pm. This will be the longest we’ve been apart in months.

I need to get back on track with my eating, but that’s certainly not going to happen on bestie date night. Especially considering we’re going to the Cheesecake Factory. However, I ate a very light lunch in an attempt to mitigate the damage. Lol.

I just got a call from my breast surgeon (who ordered the biopsy) saying that the tumor is benign. I expected as much, but it’s still good to know for sure. Yesterday it hurt quite a bit, and today it’s itchy, like so itchy that I might be going a bit crazy (or crazier as the case may be).

Welp I suppose I should get ready to go.


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