feeling accomplished

I got a lot done today – mostly work stuff. BUT…I called to set up the treadmill move (fucking finally), and it’s happening tomorrow afternoon, which was way sooner than I was expecting. I am so pumped! It’s still just too hot and humid to run outside (or even walk really though I’ve been doing so reluctantly). As of tomorrow night, I can start my run/walk routine again. I lost all of my Couch to 10k progress, so I guess I’m going to start with Couch to 5k. Baby steps.

Oh and I also put in an inquiry for landscaping, but haven’t heard back yet. We are having the worst luck with getting someone to do this work, which is dumb because we are willing to spend a not insignificant sum on it. Come make my yard look good, god damnit. TAKE MY MONIES.

I don’t know why, but I’m feeling good about things this week. It feels good to be this engaged with my life again.

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