1:02 am

  • The best thing is knowing I don’t have to wake up early, and have no obligations tomorrow.
  • My husband falls asleep fast. I’m envious.
  • My body is sore from exercising and it feels good to be active again.
  • I got to spend a couple of hours with K this afternoon, and it was really nice. (Office K, not Ex-wife K – just to be clear).
  • I’m in the mood to shop. I might get out and about tomorrow.
  • Or maybe not since I need to help D with the treadmill. It’s…dire.
  • It’s not the heat; it’s the humidity. Fuck Missouri summers.
  • The WordScapes weekend tournaments make me happy. I’m currently in the top 20. (I know I’m a dork).
  • Why is Tony Stark so hot?
  • I’m starting to like my haircut. It’s versatile.
  • Frey and I bonded like whoa tonight. So much good discourse.
  • I wish I could get the one I actually pushed out of my vagina to pay attention to me. All he cares about is Fort Nite.
  • My block finger got some action tonight.
  • I wish it would storm.
  • I feel like my metaststic diagnosis has changed me in a subtle way. I’m beginning to experience this interesting place where I have the perfect mixture of compassion and the ability to say “fuck it” and let that shit go. It feels…glorious. It’s a work in progress, but I feel more patient and compassionate. I’m sweating the small stuff less. This happened last time too.
  • Life feels good right now.
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