miscellaneous monday musings

I have a pre-trial conference this afternoon in a prostitution case, and I’m sort of nervous about it, because it’s my first one on Zoom. This case has a weird set of facts too, and the prosecutor has ignored me for over a year (literally), so I have no idea what their position is. It will be fine, but I’m just weirdly anxious about it. As a result, I cannot concentrate on anything, so I’ve spent most of the day just fucking around. The conference starts at 2:30. Mostly, I think I’m worried about some weird tech glitch, and the fact that I haven’t heard anything from my client in a long ass time. In fact, I think she may have moved to Texas based on some other shit I saw online.


It’s dark and rainy here. It keeps threatening to storm (I hear thunder), but nothing comes of it. What a let down. I could use a thunderstorm right now.

I can feel the slow transition into fall, and I am about that life. I’m pulling out all of my boots and tights the day after Labor Day.

A Facebook friend has been posting about the Zoom issues happening at her daughters’ school today, which is their first day. She has twin daughters in 7th grade, and both have now had interruptions where random dudes are either showing inappropriate pics or one dude was actually masturbating. How fucking disgusting and awful! I hate people.

All I want to do is crawl into bed with my book and chill for the rest of the day. Until happy hour, which starts at 5:30.

My stomach is feeling much better. Can’t forget to drink my Metamucil. Yeah – I’m 100% that bitch now. lol lol sob.

Seriously though – fiber is your (and definitely my) friend. TMI?


The teen keeps popping into my room in between classes and excitedly sharing little tidbits about her day. I’m glad her first day is going so well. I know she’s bummed she cannot be there in person.

I’m generally feeling good about things today. I’m hopeful for a good week and an even better weekend. Like I’m seriously obsessed with the upcoming weekend. Is it too early to start packing?




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