Last night, J referred to D and I as polyamorous after hearing my description of how we conduct our non-monogamous relationship. Basically, we are only interested in other couples with whom we have a certain connection, and it is a very short list. We aren’t interested in going out and fucking just anyone. We don’t do hall passes. We don’t really consider ourselves to be swingers. For the record, there is nothing wrong with that lifestyle, it’s just not what we’re doing currently.

Anyway – it has given me something to think about. D and I discussed it during our lunch debrief this afternoon (which is our post couple date tradition now). We don’t really want to label ourselves, but it’s interesting to discuss/think about/study. I find sexuality within long term relationships to be extremely interesting. I love that we have a relationship where we can try new things and grow as a couple. (Gotta avoid the red waste ♥️)

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