I’m the kind of person that sets reminders on her calendar for book releases.

One By One (Ruth Ware) was released today, and I just now downloaded my copy. I know what I’m doing for the next few hours (until my husband gets home).

I was supposed to have dinner with C tonight, but I’m just too wiped out to function. Fucking Ibrance. Today had been a struggle. My husband could tell something was off just from our text exchanges thoughout the day.


It doesn’t help that I barely slept last night. I really hope I can get some restful sleep tonight. If not, at least I have a much awaited book the read.

I have the compulsion to beat myself up for not being better or trying harder, but I’m really, really trying not to go there. I have to show myself some grace, right?

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  1. Yes, you do. ❤️ If it helps, I was feeling shitty too but was going to force myself to go because I wanted to see you. I’ve spent the evening in bed reading, which I know you approve of. 😂

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