Haven’t done a list post in a while.

  • I have career drama, and uggghhhh. I’m so over this law firm. More tough decisions in my immediate future.
  • I feel like it’s always one step forward, and three steps back.
  • I ran outside tonight, and it was delightful. Yay, Fall!
  • I had to talk to my neighbors because they were sitting outside when I was finishing my run. I hate small talk, but I must say I’ve gotten really good at it over the years.
  • People often tell me I look like Katy Perry, and I find this amusing because I don’t find her attractive at all. That’s how I know it’s true. 😂
  • I told that to my husband and he told me I’m ridiculous.
  • He’s probably right.
  • My tooth still hurts, because of course it does.
  • Our calendar is filling up with a lot of fun stuff, and I’m excited.
  • This week we have dinner with N&N tomorrow night, and we’re celebrating J’s b-day on Saturday night. We’re doing a pizza tasting.
  • I’m going to have to run a lot this week.
  • I looked like shit today, but i have to look cute tomorrow so there will be an ootd pic.
  • My head hurts. I was playing fetch with Bizzy and he accidentally knocked my teeth together. Oof.
  • I’d be so skinny if I’d stop drinking.
  • Oooh the other Jen just sent me a Titty Tuesday pic.
  • Things are looking up.
  • xoxo
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