i keep forgetting what day it is

I had a burrito for lunch, and my lipstick still looks pretty good. I’m impressed.

I’m not going to lie: I’m looking forward to the next five kid-free nights. I need a break – especially from virtual school. Fuck that shit.

It’s my lunch hour currently, and then I have four consultations and a Zoom court hearing/guilty plea. Then it’s off to dinner with Nick & Nancy. I’m particularly pleased because I took the day off tomorrow, which means sleeping, and being chill all day. I downloaded a couple of books today, and I’m going to spend the entire day reading. Ahhh – can’t wait.

I want to watch horror movies, read, and sleep. That sounds heavenly.

And run. I def have to keep on with the running. I’m at my max chub limit.

I can do this. Just like six hours to go.

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