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My knees hurt, but I’m still excited to run tomorrow night.

The new Twilight Zone is my jam.

I’m only two books away from hitting my reading goal for the year, though admittedly I set it lower in January, because I expected to be doing other things, but then Covid…

I want to lose weight, but not as much as I want to eat s’mores ice cream pie. It was worth every single calorie. Today was a high calorie day, so I need a low cal day tomorrow to make up for it. Gotta find the balance. Plus – running.

I spent the afternoon at the law firm, and it felt good to mix up my work day. But I’m still happy I get to stay home tomorrow. There’s no place like home. I never want to work a full week in the office ever again. In fact, I have plans to significantly downsize the law office, and reduce the overhead. But all that deserves its own post.

My mom is coming down to visit this weekend. She’ll be staying with us, but just on Friday night. The kids will be here, so I’m going to make a big dinner, and then we will all hang out. I’m a little nervous for some reason, which is silly. It’s my mother.

One of the unexpected benefits of having company is that it motivates me to clean. I’m going to put the kids to work too.

Oh and I’ve been doing some little projects: like I turned my bedroom bookcase into a shoe shelf. I moved all the books upstairs, and it’s a lot. I’m running out of room (for the books and the shoes). This weekend, I need to do a make-up purge, and I’m considering selling some old clothes at a resale shop, then donating anything they don’t want. I’m in the mood to purge.

Tomorrow is the only day without court this week, but I have a medical appointment, so I guess I actually don’t get to stay home tomorrow. Fucking boo.

I am currently surrounded by cats, and I love it. I can hear Fats snoring.

This is a boring post, but it felt good to write it out. I haven’t felt super bloggy lately, because I feel like there’s nothing interesting to report, but I miss the act of writing. I guess I’ll just report on all the mundane shit going on.

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