this & that

Last night, I dreamed that I was forced to have drinks with Trump, and it was awful, because duh.

I’m tired of having such shitty sleep. I waste all my mornings trying to wake up. I’m barely functional, and not at all productive. I feel kind of worthless tbh. I’m hopeful that I’ll be productive tomorrow.

I was feasted upon by mosquitoes on Saturday night, and I’m still itchy af on Monday night. I hate how much mosquitoes love me. They don’t bother my husband at all. I guess I’m just really tasty. 😂

I want to take a week off from work, but I feel like i can’t. I need a proper staycation though. I’m burnt the fuck out.

I ran outside tonight. It was 55 degrees and delightful. 2.6 miles.

I need to order that waterpik. And new running shoes. I’m trying not to spend money right now, but I feel like those are necessities.

I can’t believe it’s almost October.

I’m getting a bit of scanxiety. I have scans on the 6th, and I’m starting to obsess over progression.

Fuck it – I’m going to go read and cuddle a cat.

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