not all days can be good days

I’m having a hard day mentally. I feel upset and confused about my future. I’m mourning what should have been, or at least the possibilities, and I’m uncertain where to go from here. How should I be spending my time? How do I live my best life given my current circumstances? I don’t have any good answers right now. I don’t know what to do. I am so afraid of making a decision that I will regret, that I find myself making no decisions at all. I’m just existing, and while that is okay short term, I know I cannot live in limbo for much longer.

I’ve made some mini goals for today (as of 11:41 am):
– Go shower and make myself look pretty (or as pretty as possible – I’m really down on my looks recently).
– check a few items off of my personal & work to-do lists: this will help me feel less worthless
– exercise tonight, which hopefully will mean running, but it’s okay if I have to walk part of it. Just get out there and get it done.

That’s it. It’s best not to overwhelm. My only other intentions for the day include spending time with my family, and doing some reading.

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