an update of the mundane variety

Which is all I have to talk about anymore really: the mundane.

Let’s see –
– cancer is stable
– my mouth (gums, teeth, etc) hurts all the fucking time because of the cancer meds. It’s a very unpleasant side effect that came upon me very suddenly and doesn’t show signs of letting up.
– my stomach is a hot mess basically all the time, again because of the cancer meds.
– i’m not feeling particularly social, and yet I have a bunch of socializing to do this week. Mostly only because there are certain people I can’t put off anymore without it being really bad, like probably we won’t be friends anymore.
– the bad (?) sad (?) thing is I don’t really care that much. The people who really matter get it. So who knows: maybe I’ll cancel the plans. *shrugs*
– work continues to be a shit show both financially and productivity-wise. I need a change.
– this is the second month in a row where I haven’t paid the office rent, and I don’t even care. And I don’t understand why nobody has said anything to me about it. If necessary, I am prepared to move into the cheaper of my two offices. I’m hoping that I won’t be responsible for any of this shit by the end of the year, but that isn’t something I am ready to get into just yet, as there are many details that are still up in the air.
– is there a light at the end of the tunnel? I certainly hope so. I feel like I deserve a fucking break, you know? I’m ready to turn over the reins and let someone else be in charge. I am oh so very tired.
– all I want to do is sleep, read, binge Bly Manor, and hang out with my husband.
– i’m thinking about taking a full week off, because what does it even matter at this point?
– maybe, just maybe, if I could take some time off, I’d be in a better place mentally.

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