status update

It’s another rainy, dreary day, and YAY.

Pretty sure my plans for tonight are canceled, so I’m keeping it casual today. You know my introverted self ain’t mad about it!

At least I showered today. Lol.

Also – no filter on that pic. My skin is looking fierce thanks to my new Burt’s Bees skin routine. I’m super into natural skin care right now. Oh and oil based skin products. I’m currently using two face oils as well as a cleansing oil. It’s worked wonders on my dry af skin. I’m about to order the Mad Hippie Vit A serum and add that into my nightly routine. Obsess much? Yes.

The interior designer came by this morning to discuss the drapes for the wall of windows in the great room. I’m so excited about what I’ve picked.

For reference:

We’re going a similar layout to this:

But with this fabric and color, which I adore:

And with this pleating:

Should be installed in five to seven weeks. So now we have to decide what we’re going to do about our 12 foot Christmas tree. Do we wait to put it up? Do we push off installation? I’d love to have both up at the same time. Hmm…idk. First world problem, for sure.

Ooh gossip time! So I’m in a few local lifestyle (swinger) groups on Facebook. Apparently, this other bk attorney I know (and used to share office space with) found out we’re both in this group, and has totally freaked out. He even blocked me! The dumbass didn’t block JNel or my husband though, so I can still see all of his shit, and woo is he an annoying motherfucker. He took pics that other men in the group posted and photoshopped his face onto them. Like wtf??? I never knew this guy was such a weirdo, but I am fascinated, and kind of can’t wait until we inevitably run into each other again. Is he going to hide from me?? 😂

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary, and so now I’ve got Anniversary from Tony! Toni! Toné! stuck in my head. “Do you know what today is?” ♥️ I’ll for sure be singing it all day tomorrow too.

That’s all she wrote. xoxo

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