light hearted

I had been eyeing it for over a month, and yesterday I finally decided it had to be mine:

Isn’t it the most ridiculously delightful thing ever?! It’s new home will be over my bed in my study.

I found out today I was voted onto the board for our HOA. It’s already taking itself way too seriously.

Just because:

Facebook has informed me that I’m a sassy, badass, fiesty, warrior astronaut diva. 😂 Oof.

Our Halloween gathering is a go again. We have two of our best couple friends coming over. I’m going to run out and buy a costume later. I’ve never been this blasé about Halloween before, but this is 2020, and 2020 is fucking madness.

I can’t be bothered to give a fuck about any work shit today. Whatever will be, will be.

Most of the time, I seriously have no idea what day it is. Earlier, I thought it was Saturday.

It is what it is what it is.

Mind fuckery.

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