Out and about with M

My date with M was great. We went to this hole in the wall Mexican place that was absolutely delish.

We then headed back to my place for (more) drinks.

We had sex (duh), which was good, but my favorite part was the conversation. I love lively discourse. We talked a lot about music. We talked about childhood traumas. We laughed because my cat went under the bed and started clawing at us from the space between the headboard and the mattress. (She was like: Get oooooouuuuuttttt! That’s my mom! You are not the father!!) (PS: if you get that reference, I fucking love you).

M is such a gentleman. He opens doors for me, which is really sweet. He holds my hand while we’re walking. I’m an old fashioned gal when it comes to romance. I like to be treated like a queen.

Oh and I must have looked really hot, because when he saw me he was like “Whoa look at you!” And when we got to the restaurant, I got all sorts of looks/stares. So I was either looking hot or like a hot mess. My dress was very short.

The really great thing is that these nights inevitably lead to the hottest, most passionate fucks with my husband the next morning. GOD DAMN. Did I have a great time with M? Yes. Does it even begin to compare with the fun I have with D? Nope. BUT it does add a little spice. We talked non-stop from about six pm to one am tonight about all the things. (At one point, we held each other and sobbed because…well you know why).

I’ve decided I’m not going to hide my lifestyle choices any longer. I’m not necessarily going to broadcast that we’re poly, but I’m not going to hide it either. I’ve been (mostly) hiding it for ten years (being in the LS). I’m over it.

I am who I am. 🤷🏻‍♀️

In fact, I outted us to Freya tonight. I really don’t think she was surprised tho. She likes to hang around and listen to our chit chat/banter, so she’s picked up on a lot of shit.

It’s 2:33 am. I should really go the fuck to sleep.

PS AGAIN: I’m not proofreading this. Forgive me.

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