they don’t love you like i love you

– I have a touch of Sunday night anxiety.

– Ozone Bio Chem is the shit.

– I feel fat, which is silly, but honest.

– D and I had another amazing weekend together. I feel extremely lucky to have found a love like this. Sappy, but true.

– TMI but my vag hurts.

– My taste for alcohol has diminished considerably. I wasn’t interested in drinking at all this weekend.

– Currently reading: Girl A.

– I have to get my shit together this week. In various ways.

– We’re going to set up bids to finish the basement, and I’m so excited.

– I want to go to Maui.

– I have a lunch date with my bf tomorrow. In fact, I’m seeing him 3x this week. Pretty sure that’s a record.

– I have spent most of my weekend in bed, reading, and surrounded by my fur babies. A++ would recommend.

– Back to it. 😘

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