in other, more interesting, news:

My husband doesn’t even know about this yet. He’s too busy out in Connecticut to chat much throughout the day. We typically facetime in the evenings when he’s on work travel. I forgot to mention this to him last night.


So a couple of months back, I went on a first date with a guy. We hit it off. We had sex in his car. It was fine. Nothing spectacular. I did it more for the experience than anything else. I had never done that before, and, to be frank, I’m running out of time!

My husband was less than enthused about this development, and so I told the dude that I couldn’t see him anymore. He was bummed, but was cool about it.

He’s getting married in like two weeks, and is deploying in like a month. He’ll be gone for a year. This is all info I knew about when we started talking a few months back, but I wasn’t looking for anything serious, so it wasn’t an issue for me. (I also went out on a date with his soon to be wife – so there is no shady-ness here. This is an ENM situation).

He texted me yesterday to check-in. He has done this periodically to see where D and I are in terms of me being able to go out with him again. I just find this so fucking bizarre. Like the pussy was good, bro, but it wasn’t that fucking good. Don’t you have enough on your plate right now?? Anyway – he was like I’m still in town for 5 weeks and maybe we can go out again. If not, we can keep chatting and see where things are in a year.

LOL WHAT???!!!

I mean, on the one hand, I am flattered as fuck. On the other, I’m like: dude, this just wasn’t meant to be, bro.

A year is a very long time when you have MBC. Fuck – a year is a long time period. Especially for a relationship that never even got off the ground to begin with.

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