where to start?

Apparently, Freya has gone from cutting herself to burning herself. She is going to be starting a new IOP today. I just don’t understand, and I don’t know what to do. At this point, I’m sort of dreading her coming home today, because I am going to be on edge the entire time. It was nice to have a break from having to watch her constantly.

Can it be the weekend again? But w/o the migraine.

D discovered a dead frog down in the living room. It seems that Sansa fished him out and murdered him. I think we have a solution now, but fuck. So now there are two.

Saw my oncologist today. Restarted Piqray one hour ago. I’m already itching all over my body with some weird pins & needles sensation. I am not amused. In fact, I am very fucking angry.

Oh and I have moon face from all the steroids.

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