tuesday tidings

I’m really enjoying my new home office space. The extra room has made a huge difference. I’ve been working today, and I’m actually sitting at my desk for once, because I have lots of room. Loving it.

I need to get some more stuff on the walls to really put my mark on it, and make it feel like my space. Maybe tonight if I’m feeling up to it.

My oncologist called in oxycodone for my pain, so I am happy about that. I’m going to swing by and pick that up after court this afternoon.

My life feels chaotic right now. I’m trying to figure out a new normal. I feel a bit lost, but I’m pushing forward regardless of the anxiety/pain/insomnia/etc. – I’m just grateful to wake up every day.

I’m trying to ignore the temptation to withdraw into myself. The urge to crawl into bed and forget about the world. I’m just so very tired.

It’s okay, girl. You’ve got this.

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