• No-kid Saturdays are so quiet. I needed this break. I love them to pieces, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need time away.
  • I recently joined the Roxane Gay bookclub via Literati, and started the August book this morning. It’s called Somebody’s Daughter, and I’m already hooked. I love how this bookclub is going to expose me to books I may not have chosen otherwise. I need to get out of my mystery/horror rut.
  • I’m also reading Razorblade Tears, which was my July (I think) BOTM Club pick. It’s brutal but oh so good.
  • I’m getting really excited thinking about next weekend. It’s DMB Creekend! We’re leaving for Indiana on Thursday night. So. Very. Pumped. We have tickets to the Friday and Saturday night shows, and will head home on Sunday. It’s going to be fabulous. I get to see my boys!!!! Finally.
  • I have lots of other fun stuff planned for this week. Tomorrow is a clothing optional pool party to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Tuesday is swimming with KC and our kiddos. Tuesday night is (hopefully) bestie night. On Wednesday, Corrine is coming over for lunch and gossip. Then we leave on Thursday. It’s so much socializing that I am doing nothing but chilling today. I don’t want to see anyone but my man. Lol.
  • Okay back to my books I go. TTFN. ♥️
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