Today can suck it.

– couldn’t join the webex court this morning

– got a show cause order from a judge on the case where I got violently ill on my way to court. By show cause, I mean: show cause why defendant shouldn’t be arrested due to attorney’s failure to appear. What a dick wad. I’ve always hated this judge. I think I may just say, “Sorry, your honor. I couldn’t make it because I was too busy simultaneously puking and shitting from treatment for my terminal cancer.


– oh and I also found out that I have to appeal my most favorite judge. FUCK.

– D has had an even worse day than me, but I’m not going to share his private shit.

– Just know that I picked him up at lunchtime and we drank away the afternoon.

– and now we are gloriously high. Just ordered a pizza. Planning to watch Inglorious Basterds.

I hope your Friday Eve is going better than ours. Though things are looking up, to be fair.


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