It’s 2:15 am…

and I’m hoping a brain dump will help me relax enough to fall asleep.

My kiddo has middle school orientation this morning. He’s so excited, and I can’t wait to hear all about it when I pick him up later.

He told me earlier this week that this is his chance to reinvent himself. He has a lot of plans. Everything from a new look to a new outlook. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.

Speaking of the future, I read something regarding life expectancy that made me gasp (in a bad way) in one of my MBC support groups. I’m trying not to think about it, but it’s now all I can think about. I’ve been pretty good at not dwelling recently, but right now it feels like a huge, heavy weight.

Did you know I can cry without making a sound? I’ve gotten really good at it.

D had a rough day at work yesterday, and I feel bad for him. He works so damn hard. He deserves better.

Don’t call the vagueblog police! lol

My entire body hurts. All of it. The skin between my thumb and pointer finger hurts. My scalp hurts. My neck, elbows, back, legs, head. My ass cheeks. Everything is achy. It’s some fucking bullshit. Yep.

I have some social engagements this weekend that I’m simultaneously excited about abd dreading. Dreading because I’m just not confident at all right now, and kind of want to hide myself away.

September and October are quickly filling up with plans, but who knows if they will actually happen? I’m kind of expecting the St. Vincent concert to be cancelled. I feel like I’m lucky I got to see DMB given the current Covid numbers. Will there be another shut down? Is there even any point?

I wouldn’t worry quite as much if Jackson was vaccinated, but that can’t happen until mid-Nov. He wants to go on his birthday. My boy. ♥️

I’m a 42 yo woman who sleeps with a stuffed Grogu. Hugging him relaxes me. My husband thinks I’m weird, but I don’t care.

I have so many messages to return. My bestie texted me like two days ago and I haven’t responded yet. I suck at communicating right now.

Honestly, I feel like I suck at everything right now. *sigh*

2:31 am. It’s about that time.

Goodnight 😘

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