Lawyer Mode

I woke up crazy early, drove an hour, got my client’s case wrapped up, and the judge didn’t yell at me. In fact, he was really nice. I call that a WIN.

BUT…I did doze off on the drive back and went over the line. It freaked me out, but not enough to keep my body from trying to do it over and over again. The fatigue from my meds has reached a ridiculous and dangerous point, so I imagine my psych will be prescribing a stimulant tomorrow. We’ve discussed doing so when it was time, which it clearly is.

Until then – rest time. I have no work obligations until next week, so it’s time to enjoy a long weekend. Our actual weekend is pretty packed, so i intend to do much relaxing today and tomorrow.

I’m actually really excited about D’s furlough next week. We are planning some fun activities.


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