Dragging like whoa

And in pain, but can’t take any of the good pain meds until after I pick up my kid.

I have a huge docket tomorrow that I’m stressing over. Ugh.

I’m hoping that the Ritalin will finally be ready to pick up this afternoon, so that I can start it tomorrow. I need help. I’m way on the struggle bus.

I think I’m going to take a break and do some reading. Possibly maybe. I’m fried.

I read an article yesterday about GenX women and body image that was quite interesting. The basic premise was that GenX women have particularly bad body image issues due to the way we were raised, as well the media (because we sure af weren’t raised on body positivity), and that it is only getting worse now that we are entering our forgotten years. You know – our middle age years where men stop looking at us. I’m def struggling with it myself, but I’m trying so very hard to love myself exactly as I am.

Perfectly imperfect.

My post-menopause body isn’t something I was prepared to have to deal with already. Also – I’m still mourning the loss of my real tits. The body positivity struggle is real.

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