3:51 am

If only I could sleep through the night. Sigh.

I’m anxious about the big docket this morning. Starts at 9. Should be over in like an hour. The plan is to then spend the afternoon at a winery with D, and the evening with my gf. How delightful.

After school drop-off later this morning, we will be gloriously kid-free until Tuesday afternoon. We need this. Our plans are still up in the air, but we have a swinger date on Friday night, so that should be fun. (Kind of a blast from the past too, but more on that later). I’ve also been promised dinner at my favorite French bistro that has the most incredible onion soup E•V•E•R.

I took two doses of oxy in the past 24 hours, and now my body is itchy. I hate that I have this reaction to narcotics, but fuck I sure do feel a lot better otherwise.

I feel like a terrible friend. I have so many people I’ve been neglecting. I need to set up dinner dates with the besties. At least I’ll get to see Annie on Thursday afternoon while we’re getting our hair done. Woo.

I’m only blogging because I’m bored, and I don’t feel like reading. I have to be up for the day in just 2 1/2 hours. I’ve been awake for an hour already. This nonsense needs to stop, but I think this is just my life now tbh. I remember my grandmother seemingly always being awake, and I’m feeling like that more and more.

Things coming up in the next month-ish:

  • Swinger date(s)
  • Tree climbing adventure with Karen (yes, I’m hanging with Freya’s mom again. We’re friends now)
  • Vintage market days
  • Freya’s homecoming!
  • Various friend dates
  • Road trip to Cleveland to visit L&L
  • St. Vincent!!
  • Hopefully the book swap party – I need to get an evite out asap.

Oh and it’s September now, which, in my mind, means it’s the first day of autumn. Lol. Gonna start decorating, and planning the Halloween party.

Okay so I’m actually extremely fucking tired, so let’s see if my dumb ass brain will actually allow more sleep.


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