Plans have changed…

which means I now have time to write.

Hi, how are things?

I’ve had a lot I’ve been thinking about sharing recently, but I bet I don’t remember most of it now that I’m actually here to record it.

So something silly, but omg Parade underwear is fucking legit. I got several different designs to try, and they are all crazy comfortable. I’m shook – and I don’t say that often. My favorite high waisted no show VS panties were discontinued, so now I’m going to throw down with Parade.

I’m also currently obsessed with the ColourPop Tinkerbelle collection. I bought the entire set, and it’s simply gorgeous; both the colors and the packaging. I can’t wait to get a chance to play around with it.

We were supposed to be going to a swinger pool party today, but some stuff came up, and it’s rainy anyway, so no big deal. BUT – I still want to show off the swimsuit I bought for the party.

Other things on my mind:

Onto lighter things: I got a new cat dress!

And what I’m calling the pumpkin spice dress:

I also went to a dispensary this week and got a bunch of amazing stuff, but I was most excited for my pink rolling papers! Pink joints? Yes, please!!

Other things:

  • My bestie’s grandpa-in-law died today from covid complications. He was fully vaccinated.
  • I hate it when someone I love is upset and I can’t do anything to help. This is happening on a few fronts right now. Sigh. 💔
  • Our couple date last night was fun, but it made me realize that i may be demisexual.
  • Things I’m identifying with/exploring currently: my bisexuality, demisexuality, ENM/polyamory.
  • i have a bunch of fashion type stuff to share in another post.

I think that’s it for now. I have to pee. 😆

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