stuff & things – oh my!

Well hello, dear blog. How are you?

I’ve been better tbh. Not feeling great. I woke up around 2 am and felt pretty awful. My allergies are being a total dick, but I’m also having some indigestion/reflux issues, which have me concerned that my stomach mets are on the rebound. So I had a mini breakdown around 2:30 when I puked up the water I drank. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck sticks.

Maybe it’s a fluke? Could be for sure. I’m feeling much better right now. I’m trying to keep my shit together. I’ll know what’s up on the 20th. I really hope I don’t have to switch treatments, because this one has been relatively easy, and I’m not fucking ready.

Big ole sigh.

I haven’t been feeling terribly social, and yet I keep setting up stuff to do (some of which I end up having to cancel due to feeling poorly). I guess I feel like I have to do everything right fucking now since the future is so uncertain. I’m cramming in as much living as I can.

The Ritalin has been a big help. I’m def feeling more energetic. I’ve also switched my day weed to a sativa blend and that has been a huge help as well.

Still – what I’d like to do is go upstairs and watch some more SATC. Or maybe read. I am about to start a new book.

What I’m going to do instead is:
– meet with my psych in 10 min
– get a haircut/color
– get some stuff off of my to-do list
– go to dinner with D and a new couple

The weekend is going to be busy too. Sigh.

Welp – my life is boring af nowadays, but maybe that’s a good thing?


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