I needed some quiet time

But I think I’m ready to crawl out of my introvert cave.

I have a bone scan this afternoon, so hopefully we will have some clarification soon.

Yesterday I saw my mom for the first in several years. She brought her bestie who I’ve known since I was a little. If helped to have a buffer, but it really wasn’t bad. It was good to see her.

I was reluctant to admit this, but a few nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic and wanted my mom. Well I wanted what I want my mom to be – if that makes sense. She gave me what I needed yesterday so maybe there is hope for us after all.

I’ve had some good one on one time with Jackson. His counseling is going well.

We are on a kid-free weekend now, and Dave is wanting to make the most of it. He went out with Rick on Tuesday night, our tried whose wife died a few years back from pancreatic cancer, and he came back in a better place. I’m glad he has that friendship. It’s important for caregivers to get support. He is going through so much too.

Anyway – I’m tired of talking about cancer but not much else is afoot so I guess I should go get ready to start the day.

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