Let it out

We saw Dr. B this morning. I can tell she’s worried I’m about to fail this treatment. Gotta go back in two weeks for more tests. She’s got her eye on my tumor markers.

The thing I have that’s causing pain is most likely an osteoid osteoma. Gotta call ortho about it.

Neither D and I are feeling particularly good about things, but that’s life now.

It has become apparent that my sense of taste is way off. Everything tastes weird or nasty. Diluted. I had a sundae delivered yesterday and it wasn’t even enjoyable. I was so sad.

I haven’t pooped in days because of all the narcotics, so my doc is super on my ass about it. I chugged some miralax earlier. Hopefully that will get things moving.

I’ve done a bit of cleaning and organizing around the house. I’m going to read for a bit. I’m excited to pick Jackson up from school. Oh and my mom is coming for dinner tonight. That’s a pretty big day for me. Lol.

Tomorrow is Bismarck’s 4th birthday so I think we will have a little party tonight. ♥️

Jackson just texted me that he needs to stay after school today to join the yearbook team. Wow. He’s growing up so fast.

Some guy on my sexy Insta sent me a message saying he hopes I continue to share pics because I’m so sexy/beautiful. It’s funny to hear – I feel completely asexual right now. I’d love to see myself with someone else’s eyes.

I’m living in a fog and I feel like I’m lost in it.

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