another day in the haze

I’m better in the mornings nowadays. It feels weird to say/type that. It has never been the case before. Unfortunately, I seem to hit a wall of fatigue around 8 pm, and I am gone after that. Really though, I start losing steam (and patience) around 4 pm. This cancer life – it’s a big adjustment.

We are meeting with the estate planning attorney this afternoon, and so I am trying to get our documents together. It will be a somber event for sure, and D is already having little crying fits here and there. I know it will be a difficult day, and so we will go out after our meeting for a happy hour. Beer always helps!

I talked to ortho yesterday. I can’t get in until March. Did I mention that already? I find this humorous for some reason. The pain is managed so that isn’t a big deal really. It isn’t life threatening.

I’ve started making plans again. Gotta get out of this funk somehow. Lunch plans. A date to go to an Alice in Wonderland pop-up bar next month (and to wear costumes!!). D and I are discussing a trip to Vegas for our anniversary. The bestie and I are planning a weekend away. Sounds like October will be a fairly busy month. I’m excited about it. It feels good to have something to look forward to. I have to force myself to get out of my own head and back into real life.

I finally resigned from the HOA. I sent the email yesterday, and everyone is being cool about it, of course. I mean – what else can they do? They are offering me gift cards for food though, which is nice, but completely unnecessary. I know they mean well. That sort of stuff makes me uncomfortable, and so I shall ignore it. haha

I took three different laxatives yesterday (LOL) and things are moving along now. Woot!

The attorney wants paper copies and my printer is being a piece of shit per usual. UGH.

The weather is gorgeous. I think I may go take a walk now.


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