I’m extremely frustrated.

Woke up feeling ill, so I had to get a covid test. It was negative, thankfully, but what a pain in the ass. The at-home test I bought for this a while back was recalled, so that was a waste of $40.

Spent my entire afternoon at Big Barnes seeing a bone doc, who has no idea what is wrong with me. So now I have more tests and my case will eventually be presented to the spinal tumor board. I just don’t care anymore, honestly.

D is not in a great place right now, and I’m worried about him.

I’m behind on everything because I’m either always sick or in/at a hospital. Even the tiniest things feel super overwhelming.

I’m two pounds above my nope weight, so that’s great. I am trying hard not to care, because it’s really the least of my problems, but I don’t feel great about it.

I feel…hideous, overlooked, worthless, and like a huge burden.

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