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Trying not to be emo today, but I’m not feeling well, I’m sad, and I’m lonely. Plus, it’s perfectly dreary outside. Not a great combo.

Today is National Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day, so I’ve been posting on social media. Pretty sure people are tired of all the cancer posts, but I don’t give a single fuck. Try living with it. *shrug*

Not that awareness even means shit. People don’t pay attention to things until it affects them personally. That’s just human nature.

As of school drop offs this morning, D and I are kid free until Monday. Jackson has been home from school the last two days, so it feels weird to be all alone in the house. I miss him.

I miss a lot of things.

Some good news: the bestie and I reserved a condo in the city for next weekend. It’s perfect timing because D’s college bestie will be in town. We were going to go to Galena, IL, which is quaint af, but we waited too long to get our shit together (which is classics us – lol). I’m not bummed though because I honestly don’t feel up to another road trip so soon. Galena is like six hours away. We’re going to chill, eat cake, catch up on all the things. Maybe some pampering and shopping. Walking to restaurants and bars. I’m excited. I NEED this.

As for the upcoming weekend, D and I have tickets to a beer festival which is being held after hours at the Science Center. I think it’s going to be really cool, and I’m pumped.

Oh and next week is our four year wedding anniversary. ♥️ Which reminds me…I need to make dinner reservations.

It’s noon and I’m still in bed. I’ve been reading for hours. I have no plans to stop anytime soon. Once this book is finished, I’ll start another. I have downloaded a bunch of thriller/horror stuff to read this month. Spook-tober!!

Actually, I may watch some movies too. For some reason, I really want to watch Death Becomes Her and Hocus Pocus. Shit I haven’t watched since I was a kid.

Oh and I saw on Alicia Silverstone’s Insta that the second season of The Babysitters Club is finally out. Woo!!

Okay I’m outtie.

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