Migraine hell

I’m living in it.

Alcohol def seems to be a trigger. I rarely drink much nowadays, but even a tiny amount seems to be problematic. I went to bed with a headache coming on, and woke at 4 am with a raging migraine. You know…the type where you puke and shit and feel like somebody is stabbing you in the face and you wish you’d just die. That kind.

I took ALL THE MEDS and used my frozen eye mask, which eventually took the edge off. I’m still not great though. Lying here at 11:18 am wondering what the fuck has happened to my life; thinking about what an epic piece of shit my body is.

So that’s fun!

Remember when I used to be cute and fun and interesting? Sigh.

In other news, I have no other news. All I do is read, sleep, and watch BCS. I am a complete waste of life.

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