Home sweet home

It feels so good to be back. The bed at the rental was awful. I hate tempurpedic mattresses. My back and neck hurt even more than usual.

I was too on this weekend. I’m drained. Even with just the bestie, it’s a lot to be constantly engaged.

I think some weed and a nap are in my immediate future. Also finishing my latest read. Oh and watching the finale of Midnight Mass.

Spence is still here until tomorrow, but he’s low maintenance, and he’s really D’s guest anyway. So it’s chill time.

Annie and I spent like three hours at Target yesterday. I was able to get all the gifts for the gift exchange I’m participating in. Now I just need to wrap it all and ship it off to New Mexico. Oh and write my reveal letter. It was fun shopping with her.

While shopping, I found a new book of poetry by Rupi Kaur, so that was exciting. Oh and a cool tarot book. And a super cute jacket that my husband is going to love. Oooh and a divine smelling candle. Retail therapy ftw.

I’m not feeling well today. I’ve been iffy all weekend, but I’m glad the worst of it waited until today.

I’m ready to get my introvert on.

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