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My body is pissed about the running yesterday, but I have no regrets.

I’m exhausted too, but I refuse to nap. I’ve been pretty active this week, and it has been good for my mental health.

Frey has been on fall break this week, so she’s been home the last few days. Today we went to breakfast, and then watched a movie together. It was good to get some one on one time with her before the long kid-free weekend.

That pancake was fire.

Oh and I captured this pic of Sansa earlier. She’s stunning, right?

Not much to report right now. It has been a chill day. I’m looking forward to making dinner with D, and then watching more Breaking Bad. We just saw the episode with the plane crash last night/where Skylar leaves. Oh and I love that Gus and Mike have finally made their appearances.

ttfn xo

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