i’m trying

I’m trying to update every day – even when I have nothing interesting to report. I missed yesterday, because I spent most of the day sleeping. I did pop out for a lunch date with MVS, and then hit up Paper Dolls (a fave store) because it was RIGHT NEXT DOOR. SCORE. I bought a pair of Spanx jeggings. They make that booty look good.

Right now I’m on the phone for a hearing, waiting on my case to be called. Then I need to put on my costume and head down to the office. I need to get gas on the way, so I guess I’m going to pump gas while dressed like a rabbit. LOL.

My allergies are awful today. Can’t stop sneezing/snotting all over the place. I’m so hot. haha.

Tomorrow night is our big Halloween party. I have so much shit to do around the house (and shopping as well) to be ready for it, but I’m trying not to stress. I mean – it will be fine no matter what. Everyone knows our situation.

This is the first year I haven’t been super excited about Halloween. I’m just going through the motions. To be fair, I’m not excited about much lately.

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