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The sinus infection I’ve been trying to ward off for the last two months finally got me. I woke up at 3:30 this morning with my ears filled with fluid. The left ear, in particular, felt and sounded like it had an ocean inside. I stayed up finishing out season 1 of AHS, and was able to get in the virtual line for urgent care when it opened at 6. I was #3 in line, and was seen right away. I came home with antibiotics and steroids.

Cue sarcasm: I’m sure looking forward to the raging yeast infection I’ll get from the antibiotics. *lol-sob* Seriously though, D and I were just starting to get back into a good sexual groove, and now this. Listen – the past few month have been rough for us, and it’s hard to feel sexy when life keeps kicking you in the balls.

There’s also the fact that I feel like a hideous troll beast that nobody would ever want to fuck. I just want to cover up this chubby, post-menopause mom bod, and hide from the world, okay? I have never felt less sexy in my life.

Oh and let’s not forget the poop problems. Constipation from narcotics resulted in a hemorrhoid, and now I cry and bleed when I poop. No joke.

So yeah – come get this sexy bitch.


Okay we’re done with the TMI portion of this post. Lol forever.

It’s only 9:22 am currently. Not sure what the day will bring. There’s currently no agenda. I have to pick up Jackson from his friend’s house in 90-ish min. I promised Frey I’d re-watch Murder House (AHS 1) with her. D and I were talking about meeting some friends down on Cherokee for some jazz and Mexican food, but now I’m not sure. I wasn’t expecting to wake up with my head filled with mucus.

I’m so hot. 😆

Happy weekend. ♥️

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