More random bullets

  • I started the day strong, but I’m feeling yucky again. I’m grateful for what I was able to accomplish today despite feeling yucky.
  • I think my mom-tum has gotten smaller. It has to be because I’m drinking so much less now, and almost never beer. I think my IPA whore days might be behind me.
  • I did a purse swap today. Changed from my basic black Kate Spade tote into an older bag I rarely use. I’m trying to keep myself from buying a new bag (I have two I’m obsessing over) but the struggle is real. I did just get a bonus…
  • I’m still waiting to hear about disability, and apparently I’m on the fast track. Sigh.
  • About to finish up a book of poetry, and I’m torn as to what to start next.
  • Need to pull the trigger on the stuff that’s sitting in my Amazon cart, but I’ve been trying to be frugal, so I have guilty feelings. I need the stuff tho. It’s stuff I keep telling myself I’ll get at the store, but then I never go out.
  • Most of my “out of the house” time is spent driving kids around, and at the cancer center.
  • Tonight we’re making our homemade mac and cheese, and pumpkin bread, per the teen’s request. She’s filming the process for a school project. I’m wearing a DMB shirt and pajama pants, so I hope I don’t end up on camera. Lol. I’m out of fucks as to my appearance right now.
  • Oh my aching head. 🤯
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