Zombie mode

I feel like I’ve been awake for days.

I can barely concentrate.

I look like hell.

I took way less than the prescribed dose of steroids this morning, so hopefully that will help me sleep tonight. I can’t do this anymore. This happens EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I’m very much looking forward to Thursday. Nothing is scheduled. It’s a day free of obligations, and I intend to enjoy it.

Court this morning was a bit rough. Unexpected nonsense popping up with the Dept of Justice inquiring into not one, but two, of the three cases. Super fun times. I handled it, but geezus: warn a bitch next time. Damn.

At least I still have skills…Period or question mark? I’m not sure.

My mind wanders a lot lately and I think about things that feel important and heavy to me, but they don’t come out on the page. Sometimes I think I should record myself talking while driving. That’s when it happens the most: the rush of all the things in my head.

Sometimes I think I’m going a bit crazy.

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