Yay for Saturday!

  • I went shopping yesterday for jeans, and the sales lady insisted I try on a pair of flares. Oh my…I can’t believe I used to wear those. I felt ridiculous. Skinny jeans for life!
  • I didn’t end up getting the jeans I did like, because they were out of regular length. I’m going to order online, I think. Why are jeans so fucking difficult? Sigh.
  • I did get some tops, and a pair of boots. I’m trying to flesh out my casual everyday wardrobe. I don’t have much need for lawyer wear anymore. I am seriously lacking in the non-dress department.
  • We made chicken & wild rice soup last night. It is the perfect meal for a chilly fall evening. I put hot sauce on mine, of course, which makes my husband laugh.
  • “He scoffed at our magazines.” Inside joke alert.
  • I got a bit tipsy last night. It doesn’t take much anymore.
  • I’m hoping we’re still going to put the shades up in my room at some point this weekend. I guess we need to head to Lowe’s at some point.
  • Frey has a choir concert this afternoon. I’m looking forward to that.
  • Not much else to report. Just enjoying the day as it comes.
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