Hey, hey Sunday ♥️

Things about the day:

  • The new insomnia situation is that I’m typically wide awake until around 4 am. It’s a major suck. And I’m nauseated most of the night.
  • I just took Xanax, morphine, and melatonin. If that doesn’t knock me out then I seriously give up.
  • I just bought a new book for my Kindle, so, if nothing else, I’ll read all night.
  • Unfortunately, I have to be at the cancer center by 8:30 am. BOO.
  • Something good about today? SEX.
  • I finished another novel today: A Slow Fire Burning. If I have time tomorrow, I’ll return it to the library, and pick up a few more. If not, then on Tuesday.
  • I got to see Jackson today. I drove to his dad’s this morning so I could drop some stuff off. We hung for a bit, and I told him his birthday gift is waiting for him: his new desktop PC. OMFG he flipped out in the best way ever, and it made me so happy. His actual birthday is Tuesday. ♥️
  • On the way home, I was pondering how it still feels strange, even after all this time, that I’m someone’s mother. But, I have to admit, I feel like I’ve really grown into the role. Especially the last few years.
  • What did I accomplish today on the home front? Lots of laundry. I like to say I’m conquering laundry mountain.
  • I also made a lovely dinner:
  • We went out to our local place for a few drinks this afternoon, and we had a fabulous time. Lots of good conversation. It felt like old times, and I’m pleased that things are feeling lighter right now. This year has been rough af, yo.
  • On the way out, we ran into a couple we previously only knew online. Friends of friends in the LS community. We chatted them up for a while, and it sounds like we will be hanging out soon. They refer to themselves as crazy, our friends refer to them as crazy, and they seem crazy, so this should be interesting. Haha. They live like five min from us…let’s do this!
  • I’m not ready for the weekend to end, but I’m looking forward to lots of time with the kids this week.
  • Oh and one more thing: my #ootd
Basic af. ♥️
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