So it’s Thursday, I think.

My ex is going out of town today, so I will have Jackson until the day after Thanksgiving. No complaints here.

Actually, I have one complaint today: my head hurts. We had sooooo much fun last night, and I’m a bit hungover. Oopsie.

There has been no court (for me) this week, and it feels weird. It’s been nice to focus on other stuff though.

Still waiting up hear about my disability benefits. Sigh.

I’m back on the keto wagon. I do this every year, but I typically wait until after Christmas to start. This year, however, I just can’t deal with my chubby face anymore. I want a more pronounced jaw line for Christmas. Lol.

In the keto spirit, I made pumpkin flaxseed muffins yesterday. I had two this morning, and they are surprisingly good. I hadn’t expected much. Pumpkin puree is kinda gross tbh. I do like flax tho, I mean as much as you can like flax.

I got to chat with Mandy today. ♥️

And I have dinner with Carrie tonight.

And breakfast with Conwell tomorrow morning.

On Saturday, we’re putting up the big Christmas tree.

And Sunday is Friendsgiving! ♥️

All the yay. I hope my good-ish health and spirits can stay the course. That’s a lot of social stuff for my introverted self.

I have a psych tele-health appointment in 20 min so I better get logged in. I am asking for different sleeping pills today. The ambien gave me weird dreams and hallucinations. Pass.


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