“The royal cunt”

I’m finally feeling human again. This has been a long, literally painful, weekend.

Thank God for antibiotics. Right?!

I spent most of the weekend sleeping and watching TV. We binge watched season 1 of The Great, which I love, though it’s quite ridiculous, and it makes my husband crazy with all of the historical inaccuracies. Lol. Today, Frey and I watched Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing. She had never seen either movie, though she did see the PW musical last week. Anyway – I couldn’t let that stand.

Quote of the day is awarded to Freya who said, “Do you have any idea how awkward it is to watch a musical about a prostitute with your mom when you thought you were going to see Little Women?!” OMFG I laughed so hard.

Oh and I got to have breakfast with KC on Friday morning. It was so good to see her again. I forgot to get a pic tho. Boo.

The upcoming week is light, which isn’t surprising since it’s a holiday week. I have radiation tomorrow afternoon, court on Tuesday afternoon, and a bone scan on Friday. Otherwise, it’s all holiday stuff and family time. I convinced D to take Wednesday off, which I consider a nice little victory.

At this point, I spend more time doing cancer patient shit than actually working. It’s crazy. What even is my life?

I’m hopeful that the upcoming week will be fun, and I will be in good (for me) health. I keep thinking: what if this is my last Thanksgiving?

Goodnight. ♥️

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