Black Friday aka Christmas Day 1

I’m seriously annoyed that I have a scan scheduled for today. And even more so that it’s a bone scan. Those require getting a tracer shot and then waiting like three hours before getting the actual scan. It kills the entire fucking day. Boo hiss.

The kids are both departing for the weekend. Time to see the other parents. As a result, D and I made plans with friends for both Friday and Saturday nights. Fingers crossed that my body cooperates. Saturday night is a swinger date. And tonight could be if I give the okay. We’ll see where the night takes us. They are angling to stay in and hang at our place, so…LOL.

Ugh – I guess I need to get ready to go to the hospital. It feels like I live there sometimes.

I may brave a shopping trip during my break. Maybe a burrito too. Well burrito bowl anyway.

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