The Sunday Situation

  • It’s hard to believe it’s already Sunday night. It was a crazy, but good, weekend.
  • Today was all about being chill, which was much needed after the craziness of the last two nights.
  • I def slipped a bit on the carbs over the weekend. As a result, the scale was way up this morning. I’m not tripping though. Just jumped right back into it. I’m thinking of this as a way of eating instead of a diet. I’ve been on point all day.
  • We watched Old tonight, and it was pretty decent.
  • Now it’s time to wind down with some reading.
  • I have nothing on my schedule tomorrow until it’s time to pick up the kids from school. WIN.
  • That didn’t stop the Sunday blues though. I think I’m just bummed that life goes back to normal tomorrow. I want one more free day with D.
  • We did not put up the tree this afternoon, so that’s happening tomorrow night.
  • I have court on Tuesday morning, but that’s it work wise for the week. And somehow, miraculously, I have no medical appointments! If I’m lucky enough to feel good through out the week, I’m hoping I’ll get some stuff done around the house, and maybe some Christmas shopping, various errands, etc.
  • It’s going to be a good week. Say it on repeat.
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